An alliance for the advancement of developmental biology
and stem cell research in the Upper Rhine Valley

Tri-Regio Meeting 2024

Dear members of the Basel-Freiburg-Strasbourg stem cell and developmental biology community,

come and celebrate with us 10 years of Tri-regio meetings on Friday 6. September 2024.

For the new members, the Tri-Regional Stem Cell and Developmental Biology meeting is an annual one-day meeting providing a platform for cell, stem cell and developmental biologists from the research institutes of the Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg area to discuss the latest results, encourage interactions and foster collaborations. Each city hosts the meeting in turns.

This informal meeting strongly encourages students and postdocs to present their work in form of a short oral presentation. Speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts. The program will also contain two keynote lectures and networking sessions. Our keynote speakers this year are: Nadia Mercader (University of Bern) and Nicoletta Petridou (EMBL Heidelberg).

To mark our 10th anniversary, we want to introduce science speed rounds. Instead of making posters, participants will make graphical abstracts (equivalent of a Powerpoint slide), be split in small groups at a poster stand and each person will present their abstract in 3 minutes to the others. Non-presenters can join of course and participants who prefer bringing a full-size poster along are welcome to do so. In between sessions the graphical abstracts will stay posted to allow for more interactions.

Programm will follow soon, please register here