An alliance for the advancement of developmental biology
and stem cell research in the Upper Rhine Valley

Tri-National DevStemCell Network

The Tri-national DevStemCell network is an open platform to merge scientific interests of researchers in the fields of developmental and stem cell biology from the three cities of Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg. The goal of this initiative is to foster a vivid scientific exchange by bringing together researchers at the network’s annual symposia, such as previously held in Basel (2014), Freiburg (2015) and Strasbourg (2016), and by the accessible and visible forum at the networks homepage.

The DevStemCell network builds on a long history of excellent research in developmental biology at its three sites along the upper Rhine valley and currently comprises more than 300 researchers from the various research institutes and hospitals from Basel (Biozentrum, FMI, D-BSSE of the ETH-Zurich and University Hospital of Basel), Freiburg (University and University Hospital Freiburg, MPI of Immunbiology and Epigenetics) and Strasbourg (IGBMC and University of Strasbourg).

The DevStemCell network was established in 2013 and the 2014 symposium in Basel reinitiated a decade’s long tradition of tri-national meetings in Developmental Biology that was only interrupted in the early 2000s. The intention of the annual symposia, rotating between the three cities, is to give especially researchers at early career stage opportunities to present and discuss their work thus fostering immediate exchange and collaborations within the network. Distinguished keynote lecturers present their impact on novel research directions in developmental and stem cell biology.